What We Do

We help beat urological diseases by backing new scientific research, funding specialist training, and sponsoring urologists to share knowledge through clinical visits worldwide.

This makes a real difference in the fight against urological disease.

Why? Because every improvement in the diagnosis and prevention of urological diseases helps save lives in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Every step forward we take in care and treatment makes life easier for patients and their families.

Ultimately, all of our projects, programmes and research is channelled back into UK hospitals via urology professionals. That means that we can:

Ensure that UK patients receive the most effective, up-to-date treatment.

We do all of this with the help of our supporters and alumni.

You can help us do amazing work by donating today.


The Urology Foundation's ongoing researc...

On this page you can find information on the research, training and education that TUF is funding a...

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Fund new scientific research

Through our annual research scholarships we fund urological trainees, surgeons and consultant urolo...

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Fund medical education and training for ...

The Foundation provides training for urologists. That means sending specialists on clinical visits ...

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Collaborate with other organisations

We believe in working with leading organisations and individuals around the world to improve work i...

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Build a community of leading urologists ...

The Foundation brings urologists together through online forums, special events, and meetings. Our ...

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Raise awareness of urological conditions

We organise fundraising and special events throughout the year. These both generate funds for The F...

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Male reproductive organs

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