Clinical Visits Funding

Observing colleagues in international centres of excellence helps bring pioneering techniques and technology to the UK.

Clinical visits enable motivated and like-minded clinicians to discuss their clinical findings in person and see new approaches first-hand.

The Foundation provides quarterly clinical visits grants for successful applicants. In addition, the Ralph Shackman Trust offers funding for clinical visits each year.

How to apply

Download and follow our application instructions.



Clinical visit funding from the Ralph Shackman Trust

The Ralph Shackman Trust has kindly agreed to fund clinical visit applications through The Urology Foundation. Each grants offers £1,750 in funding.

You can apply the same way as our TUF grant programmes (see below).

"I am delighted to be the first recipient of this Clinical Visit grant and extremely grateful to both the Ralph Shackman Trust and TUF. I am very grateful that small charities like the Ralph Shackman Trust make the effort to fund such grants, without which urology trainees like myself couldn't go off and learn specialised techniques and bring them back to the UK for the benefit of our patients."

Prasanna Sooriakumaran, first recipient of funding from the Ralph Shackman Trust and member of The Urology Foundation Alumni.

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